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OptiMission Consulting is a premium Relocation Service. After more than twenty years servicing our customers in Baden-Baden, Bühl, Kalrsruhe, Stuttgart and the Black Forest area, we are considered as local heroes with a unique knowledge of the region. Having assisted nearly 5,000 assignees from over 35 countries, OptiMission has become synonymous for continuity, institutional knowledge with an excellent network. Valuable contacts to decision makers at authorities, schools, landlords, realtors and the feeling for the ‘right move at the right time’ helps to put our clients forward in a favorable position.  Why is OptiMission unique? Our competitors usually work with freelancers. We have permanently employed team members living in the area and all our activities are closely coordinated and data protection is highly respected. This ensures premium relocation services at the highest level true to our motto – We move to help – we help to move.