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An important aspect of a successful family relocation is that the children can enjoy the new Kindergarten and school. For finding the most appropriate local Kindergarten and school, lencyclopaedic knowledge is needed to identify the institution which best fits a child’s requirements. The OptiMission consultants advise on the German school system and hint on the advantages of public, private and international schools. Particularly kindergarten places in particular, are rare and we provide assistance in securing places. In addition, our experts guide our clients through the complicated admission process. Through our local contacts we can even provide support on specific educational needs, special tutoring and effective coaching for niche requirements.

The OptiMission Education Services include

  • General information on the German educational system versus the international school system
  • Detailed information and advice on different local kindergartens and schools and their curricula
  • Assistance in finding the institution or program which fits best each child’s needs
  • Arranging visits to the kindergarten and schools
  • Providing assistance with the application and admission process