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Visa and Immigration

Moving staff members from one country to another due to global business strategies or searching for new job opportunities presents challenges both to companies and assignees, particularly when it comes to visa and residence permits.

OptiMission has extensive experience in dealing with international assignments. We know how important it is that the visa and work permits are granted as fast as possible. Working with the right contacts at the local authorities and the best national legal advisors is an invaluable advantage when it comes to accelerating visa processes.

We work with immigration lawyers to guide our clients through the complex immigration procedures, being knowledgeable about Germany’s specific immigration laws.

At the same time OptiMission Consulting relies on our local contacts, serving as ‘direct wire’ to the local authorities, while leaving the legal advice in the hands of lawyers.

Note that most of our competitors offer visa services without involving a lawyer and risk possible false advice or even failing in receiving the residence and work permit and later on the blue card or permanent residence permit.

The OptiMission Visa and Immigration Services include

  • Assistance in the visa and work permit application in cooperation with immigration lawyers
  • Coordination of the application process with the client, his HR department and with the local authorities
  • Preparing the relevant documentation and accompanying our clients to all appointments at the authorities to make sure that the questions asked during the interviews are correctly answered